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Crown Bar by AL Fakher (10000 Puffs)

Crown Bar by AL Fakher (10000 Puffs)

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Key Features:

  • Direct-To-Lung (DTL) mesh coil (similar to Shisha / Hookah pull)
  • Sleek and comfortable device design.
  • Up to 10000 Puffs

Device Specifications:

  • E-Liquid Volume: 18 mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/mL
  • Battery: 600mAh Rechargeable Battery (Type-C cable not included)
  • Airflow: Adjustable.


  1. BERRY MINT is a refreshing fusion of succulent berries and cool mint Experience a delightful blend where the sweet tang of ripe berries meets the invigorating sensation of mint. 
  2. BLUE RASPBERRY LEMON combines the boldness of blue raspberry with the zesty twist of lemon, creating a uniquely refreshing flavour profile.
  3. BLUEBERRY CHEW is a blend that captures the essence of ripe blueberries with a candy-like twist. This enticing flavour is ideal for vapers who love a sweet yet authentic fruit taste.
  4. CHERRY RASPBERRY offers a luscious blend of juicy cherries and tart raspberries. This flavour is a dream for those who crave a sweet yet tangy vape experience.
  5. CHEW MINT is cool, refreshing and, classic mint taste meets a subtle sweet undertone. This vape is perfect for those seeking a crisp, clean vaping experience with a hint of sweetness.
  6. GRAPE MINT offers a refreshing mint peppery taste which blends well with the white, moderately sweet grapes.
  7. LEMON MINT flavour is perfect for those who enjoy a refreshing, minty taste. This flavour is perfect for those who are looking for a cooling and refreshing smoke. The menthol in the lemon mint provides a smooth and cooling sensation, while the lemon adds a tart and tangy taste.
  8. LUCID DREAM welcomes you with the succulent sweetness of berries, complemented by refreshing citrus undertones.
  9. LUSH ICE is an irresistible option for lovers of watermelon.
  10. MANGO ICE brings together the lush sweetness of ripe mangoes with a cool icy finish, offering a perfect escape to a tropical paradise with each puff.
  11. PEACH ICE combines the natural sweetness of ripe peaches with a refreshing icy undertone, creating a perfectly balanced and invigorating vape experience.
  12. SIMPLY MINT offers a crisp and clean mint sensation, perfect for those who appreciate the straightforward, invigorating essence of mint.
  13. STRAWBERRY PUNCH is a fusion of ripe strawberries and a medley of refreshing fruits, creating a vibrant and juicy vape experience. This flavour is perfect for those who love a sweet, berry-filled punch with every puff.
  14. TWO APPLE delivers a delightful fusion of crisp green and succulent red apples. Immerse yourself in the rich, sweet aroma and the refreshing taste of this classic blend, crafted to perfection for an indulgent vaping experience. This one is Hookah lover’s favourite.
  15. WHITE FLASH is a special edition vape flavor which comes in the Fusion series. A heavenly mix of citrus with a hint of mint. As you exhale, thick, satisfying clouds of smoke fill the air, showcasing the exceptional quality.
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