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Homie Vape (11000+ Puffs) S50

Homie Vape (11000+ Puffs) S50

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Homie Vape disposable by Genie Air is 11000+ Puff (Mesh Coil) vape device offers incredible flavor with it's mesh coil technology and Synthetic 50 Nicotine (feels like 5%).

Mesh Coil Technology

A mesh coil is a grid-like metal sheet/strip – usually built from kanthal, stainless steel, or nichrome. Its design is meant to increase the surface area for e-liquid contact for maximum flavor and vapor production.

Homie Vape 11K Features: 

  • 11000 or more Puffs
  • 20 mg / mL Salt Nicotine (Synthetic50)
  • Juice Capacity: 20 mL
  • Battery: 1100 mAh Rechargeable (cable not included)
  • Mesh Coil Technology
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